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PACC facility use instructions
  • No alcohol, illegal substance or smoking is allowed anywhere in the building.
  • No cooking or use of open flame allowed in the building or parking lot. You may use sternos for heating food in chafing dishes. 
  • Do not take down any paintings or items hung on any walls. Use other walls.
  • Do not use hallway or lobby area for any gathering or eating.
  • Do not use any tape or other items which may damage the wall or leave marks. You can use painters tape or thumbtacks.
  • Do not use PACC consumable supplies except trash bags
  • You can use as many chairs and tables as you need. You are responsible for the setup and takedown.
  • Keep all children inside the main hall and supervised at all times.
  • Please start wrapping up 20-30 minutes before your end time so that you have completely vacated the premises by the scheduled end time. Any delay may cause a late fee.
  • Take all your belongings with you when you are done.
  • Cleaning fee is for the manager to open and close the facility. After the use, vacuum the floor and take trash out in garbage bags to the dumpsters on the side of the building. If there are more than 3 trash bags filled, then you must take them with you.
  • Thank you for cooperating and using our facility